Filmmaking Tools

Essential Filmmaking Tools

The Filmmaker Action Pack

  • Find out how to make snd sell your first feature film (even if you don’t live in Hollywood.)
  • Discover the easy way to write, direct and shoot your first feature film this year.
  • Uncover simple, modern distribution secrets so you can grow your audience and sell your film.

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Film Business Plan Template

  • Download Tom Malloy’s film business plan template so you can raise money to make your film.
  • Utilize this template to prep your project and present a pitch that can’t be ignored.
  • Create the critical “leave behind” outlining what you’re looking for and why your film needs to get made.
  • Avoid the common mistakes made by 99% of other filmmakers who just try to wing it…

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Get Film Distribution

  • Utilize a Step-By-Step System and start selling your movie ASAP (so you can make money and start working on your next project!)
  • Get the inside scoop on how to market your movie for maximum profit (so you can cut out the middle man and put the money in your pocket.)
  • Find out how to increase your sales and utilize proven techniques to gain a fan following (so you have the opportunity to eventually make more movies and make accurate revenue projections.)

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