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RE: The Filmmaker Action Pack

Dear Filmmaker,

Picture this! By some miracle to end all miracles, born of equal parts luck and blind determination, you’ve gone against the odds. You’ve put together a cast and crew, refined your script, found some funds and in the process, you’ve made your film!

Can you imagine the excitement, emotion and applause of a packed audience during the premiere your first movie? Can you imagine yourself walking down the isle to claim your award? Can you imagine yourself in the Q&A session after the screening? And can you smell the popcorn?

Then my question is, what are you waiting for?

My name is Jason Brubaker. I am a Los Angeles based film distribution executive. Over the past decade, I have made several feature films. But more importantly, I have helped hundreds of new filmmakers (just like you) get their films made, seen and distributed.

"I Am Going To Share All Of My Insider Tactics With You In This Step-By-Step Filmmaking Training System!"

The future of filmmaking is not Hollywood. It is the thousands of independent filmmakers empowered by the digital revolution. The Filmmaker Action Pack will provide you with a step-by-step action plan for taking your film from script to screen.

If you have the desire to make a film, then there has never been a better time to take action!

Introducing The Filmmaker Action Pack

You Will Discover These Filmmaking Tactics

This system contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices for getting your film funded, produced, seen and distributed.

  • Find out how to make and sell your first feature film (even if you don't live in Hollywood and never plan on moving there.)
  • Utilize proven strategies for building a team of talented collaborators, delegating production elements from prep through production.
  • Employ easy to implement strategies for meeting prospective investors and building life long business and personal relationships.
  • Find out how to create a production plan that includes cast, crew, locations and all the other elements that goes into making a film.
  • Increase targeted traffic to your film website so you can build a relationship with your “fans” and get them to help you promote your film.
  • Film distribution is changing. Discover simple, modern marketing secrets to build buzz, grow your audience and sell your film.

"The Filmmaker Action Pack Gives You The Steps You Need So You Can Make Your Film."

The Step-by-Step Action Guide

This filmmaking system includes a step-by-step action guide, jammed packed full of modern filmmaking information. You will want to devour this guide to take you through the entire process from procuring an awesome screenplay, to raising money to planning your distribution strategy.

Filmmaker Mp3 Audio

When you download this program, you will also receive over TWO-HOURS of audio filmmaker training so you can listen over and over. Listen to your your filmmaking instruction in your car or at the gym...

Filmmaker eCourse

Over the next year, you will also receive up-to-date filmmaking tips to get in the action. This ensures you break your BIG goals into manageable steps!

How Much For This Filmmaking System?

Because this professional filmmaking system is based on actual experience (and not theory) a system like this could easily sell for thousands of dollars. In fact if you went to film school, you’d probably pay over $41,297 to find out some of the key points you’ll discover with this system.

And if you do the research, you’ll find that most film school “professors” have never even made, marketed or sold a movie. (And most have never actually worked in the industry!) But we are not going to charge you anywhere close to what you’d pay for film school. In fact, your total investment for the entire Filmmaker Action Pack is just $47.

Using this system will allow you get your movie seen and selling. And think about it: what you pay here is less than a few beers and a hamburger.

Praise For The Filmmaker Action Pack

Lance Blackwell

Jason’s tools have reawakened a decades-old desire to make a feature film. Jason’s step-by-step workbooks, his humor and his ‘do it now’ approach has sparked me to think beyond the multitude of TV shorts I had resigned myself to. I have now launched a feature film project with the intention of self-distribution based on Jason’s unique insight into the new distribution paradigm. Everything I need is in my own back yard. I need no permission!

Lance Blackwell Filmmaker
Rick Schmidt

For those who want a road-map for breaking into Hollywood, Jason Brubaker’s Filmmaker Action Pack is a good start. His eBook guides and companion workbooks are stuffed with information, insights and tactics to help you.

Rick Schmidt Filmmaker and Author
Peter Marshall

Jason Brubaker has just created an important resource for independent filmmakers. Called the “Filmmaker Action Pack” it covers everything from how to make powerful industry friends to getting your money. I strongly recommend Jason’s “Filmmaker Action Pack” system for all serious filmmakers.

Peter Marshall Filmmaker

Why Are We Nearly Giving This Valuable Training Away For Free?

Here is how we can do it. This system is an instant download that will be available in your email inbox within a few minutes. So for the most part, we have no inventory and no fulfillment costs.

Aside from an occasional assistant, we do not have to pay anybody to go to the post office or take phone calls. Although, if you do need to call us, you can dial 310-746-3868. So assuming it’s OK, we’d rather slash your price, rather than try to nickle and dime you.

Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get started today and then try this system out for 60 days. If you follow the steps, I guarantee the value you gain will far exceed the small investment you make here. But if you are unsatisfied, I will happily return your money. And as my gift, you can even keep the bonuses and downloads just for trying this out!

Don’t Wait... The Price Is Bound To Go Up

Before you buy this system, I want to be frank with you. The tactics contained in this program took me over TEN YEARS to uncover. The value of this information is worth far more than the current $47 dollar bargain price tag. And in case you think I’m just saying this to get you to BUY NOW, you should know the price of this program has already increased multiple times.

I wanted to thank you for the tools you have given out! We used the tools you provided and shot our feature film using crowdfunding, blood, sweat, tears and an insane 4 1/2 day shoot. We learned a lot along the way, but came out with a fantastic debut film doing everything on our own. We had the camera, and were tired of doing shorts, so we just did it.

- Matty Castano, First Time Indie Filmmaker

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When I was just starting out, I paid more than $1,897 for a film workshop that hardly provided any of the real world information!

For less than a few beers and a hamburger, The Filmmaker Action Pack will give you a real world step-by-step system so you can make your film. Take action and download the system below.

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Jason Brubaker

P.S. This filmmaking training system will provide you with insights on how to get a great script, raise money, build a team of "name" professionals and how to distribute your film.

P.P.S.You have 60 days to try it out, so the only real risk is not taking action. Why not give it a try?

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