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"How To Get Started In Filmmaking"

When I first got the filmmaking bug, I didn't have too many people to talk to. I was stuck in my small town, living with my parents. To make ends meet, I sold dishwashers and garbage disposals. Back then, I was like a lot of people. I knew I wanted to make movies, but had no idea how to get started…
I remember reading everything I could, hoping to find a step-by-step system that would show me how to get money, make a movie and make money. The problem was, most the other filmmaking material was limited to technical stuff, like how to schedule a shoot, budget and how to set up 3-point lighting.

Don’t get me wrong, all that how-to movie making stuff is very important! But if you’re looking to add another technical source to your overflowing collection, I want to make something clear. This isn't one of them. (Chances are, you probably already have enough of that stuff collecting dust already.)

“Your Modern Filmmaking Blueprint”

When I started my career, most filmmakers were shooting movies on actual film! Back then, to be taken seriously you either shot 16mm or 35mm. That meant you needed a gazillion dollars. And I had no clue how to do that.

Most filmmaking resources tell you to find a willing dentist and ask for money. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a cavity drilled. The last thing I wanted to do was spend more time with my dentist.

I knew the REAL answer had to be out there. So one day, with a few hundred dollars in my bank account, I quit my job and moved to New York City. It took some time, but I eventually found work as an assistant to an indie producer.

Working on the inside, I was finally able to uncover little-known secrets about how independent producers REALLY make a living making movies. I learned how producers find investors and get money, how they determine if screenplays get read or recycled… And I even learned how producers “work” the film festivals, build buzz and SELL movies.

With this knowledge, I started my own production company, produced my first feature film, got the movie selling in popular marketplaces and happily made my first money as a filmmaker! During the process, I met a lot of industry heavyweights and actually started working in film distribution, as an executive at a few Los Angeles based film distribution companies.

And now, I have decided to share all of this insider knowledge with you in my step-by-step movie making system!

"I Am Going To Share All Of My Insider Filmmaking Secrets With You"

The future of filmmaking is not Hollywood. It is the thousands of independent filmmakers empowered by the digital revolution. To help you accelerate your filmmaking career, I have created The Filmmaker Action Pack. In it, you will recieve a step-by-step action plan for taking your movie from script to screen.

And before you buy this system, I want to be perfectly frank with you. 
The secrets contained in this program took me over TEN YEARS to uncover. I have created this system to share these secrets with you, so that you will reap the rewards of Hollywood success faster than you ever thought possible.

If you have an idea for a movie, and the desire to make a movie, then there has never been a better time to take action and make your movie now!

Don’t Take My Word For It

"For those who want a road-map for breaking into Hollywood, Jason Brubaker’s Filmmaker Action Pack is a good start. His e-book guide and companion workbooks are stuffed with information, insights and tactics, to help you achieve this."

Rick Schmidt

Filmmaker/Author Feature Filmmaking At Used Car Prices

"Jason’s tools have reawakened a decades-old desire to make a feature film. Jason’s step-by-step workbooks, his humor and his ‘do it now’ approach has sparked me to think beyond the multitude of TV shorts I had resigned myself to. I have now launched a feature film project with the intention of self-distribution based on Jason’s unique insight into the new distribution paradigm. Everything I need is in my own back yard. I need no permission!"

Lance Blackwell


"Jason Brubaker has just created an important resource for independent filmmakers. Called the “Filmmaker Action Pack” it covers everything from how to make powerful industry friends to getting your money. I strongly recommend Jason’s “Action Pack” system for all serious filmmakers."

Peter Marshall

Filmmaker at

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Filmmaker Action Pack

  • How To Become Powerful: Did you know that many would-be filmmakers are still sending movie ideas and screenplays to agents, managers and producers, hoping these people will grant some sort of almighty permission to make movies? UGH!

    Asking other people for permission to make your movie is such an OLD way to think about filmmaking. While I agree every filmmaker would benefit from having powerful friends, if you want to make your movie, asking permission is a silly way to go.

    Speaking from experience, most of these folks (agents, managers, entertainment lawyers and other producers) are already focused on their own projects. So if you want to get their attention, you’ll have to have a movie with “name” actors already attached, money in the bank, or you’ll have to control the rights to some very compelling material (that they already want!).

    And what if you don’t have money? What if you're starting out like I did and you don’t know any “name” actors? What if you don’t even have a fully completed screenplay? Then what?

    In this common catch 22 scenario, most filmmakers feel the need to reach out to heavy hitters, but have nothing of value to offer. So instead, these would-be movie makers send a query letter pitching a story, and then wait for a response (or rejection) – blah!

    One Secret…

    If you have to approach these people, do so because you are already making a movie and you have already figured out a win-win scenario to benefit their business. Think of it this way, one purpose of business is to create something of value that you can exchange for cash.

    In this regard, starting TODAY, you need to ask yourself this question: How can I think like a pro and present myself like a pro to these Hollywood “heavy hitters” so that they respect me as a peer? If you develop professional movie making strategies for thinking like a pro, you’ll approach the whole movie making game as a seasoned insider.

    This alone will separate you from the gazillion other, frustrated movie making hopefuls who spend their days checking the mail, awaiting responses from all the unanswered query letters. Don't ask permission!

  • How To Make Powerful Friends: I am sure you heard that it isn’t what you know that counts, but who you know. And if you don’t know the right people, making movies and making money making movies will be a pain in the butt! But how do you go out and meet friends, find investors and influence Hollywood people?

    Wouldn’t it be great to contact Hollywood heavy-weights who have never heard of you and get a meeting? Or maybe you want to meet the famous millionaire in your hometown where you grew up. Would you pick up the phone and call those folks? What would you say? What’s in it for them to meet with you? Sound overwhelming?

    When I was starting out, I had all these questions. And you might not know this about me, but I had to build my network of industry friends from scratch. I learned some lessons.

    For example did you know that, on average, it takes seven face-to-face meetings to establish a business relationship? Yep. You can read that again and again. We are talking seven meetings! And the crazy part? Most filmmakers give up after the third unreturned phone call.

    Starting out, I was more focused on actually getting a movie made than trying to get meetings. And until I learned some of the skills I just mentioned, everything I did was trial and error. Luckily, there is a method to getting meetings with important people. And if you follow some very basic and super simple secrets, it’s actually quite simple. 

  • How to Get The Money: I have never met a filmmaker who wouldn’t benefit from cultivating relationships with a few extra millionaires (Also known as prospective investors). But sometimes the idea of finding these people or calling them on the phone can be a little spooky.

    Wouldn’t you be more powerful in your own movie making career if you could just pick up the phone and start putting projects together? Do you know where to find prospective investors? Do you know the difference between a sophisticated and an accredited investor?

    Assuming you do know this stuff, do you have a step-by-step strategy for getting these folks on the phone? And when you get them on the phone, what is your plan for building life long business and personal relationships with these folks?

    What happens when the conversation turns to money? Do you know how you’ll communicate the ROI of your project? Do you know the difference between an asset, liability, expense and income? Do you know your plan for cash flow, or how you’ll create your business plan and PPM? This is stuff most filmmakers never think about! After you learn these lessons, you will know how to talk with investors in their language.
  • How to Produce Your Movie: After you have your screenplay, cash, ambition and enthusiasm, in order to get your movie project off the ground, you will need to create a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.

    To do this, you need to assemble and enlist the collaboration of an experienced team. This is an area where most filmmakers fall flat on their faces and fail. The reason for these failures is based on lack of experience. It is very challenging to anticipate all of your production needs unless you’ve made a few features. And even then, mistakes are part of the process.

    If you never made a feature, don’t worry. One of the easiest ways to avoid common pitfalls is to fortify your production by putting together a team of talented filmmaking collaborators.

    Starting out, you will quickly learn about the importance of employing a seasoned First Assistant Director and a Line Producer. But there are quite a few other folks you must include in your production to make things run smoothly. Unless you have money or a personal relationship with these folks, getting them to join your project is challenging.

    The filmmaker action pack will provide you with my tips and strategies for finding these professionals and getting them to participate in your production from prep, the whole way through post production.

  • How to Sell Your Movie: Making your movie is only part of the puzzle. Once you finish your production, your next includes creating buzz, contacting sales agents, acquisitions executives, distribution companies and crossing your fingers for one of those sensational deals that (like winning the lottery) guarantees a career of movie making fortunes in your future!

    While it’s important to keep your fingers crossed for a great deal, the reality is – the movie industry is changing. New methods of distribution including Video On Demand and internet viewing continually erodes traditional sales channels like DVD outlets and video stores.

    The ripple effect of this paradigm shift has created some good news and some not-so-good news: The good news is, you now have one of the most amazing opportunities in movie making history to make a movie, reach your audience (globally) and collect cash.

    The bad news is, for this distribution model to work, you will have to become masterful at creating buzz, establishing and maintaining a sales funnel website, increasing targeted web traffic and converting your visitors into a paying audience… Only then can you create a profit or pay back your investors.

    You are lucky that you found me. Back when we decided to pass on a slew of crappy distribution offers for our first feature (in favor of self-distribution) people thought we were crazy. That was the best filmmaking decision we ever made.

    As I’ve mentioned earlier, things are changing in Hollywood. Most filmmakers now have options to reach a global audience in a few clicks of a mouse. While this is great in theory, (and it’s even better when you start making money) – the problem is, very few filmmakers know how to take advantage of these new distribution opportunities.

    This is unfortunate because after facing a barrage of rejection from both festivals and traditional distributors, so many filmmakers loose faith in their project and give up. Add the former stigma associated with self distribution and the amount of work involved in creating a buzz and selling enough movies to make a dent in movie making debt, many movie makers give up dejected.

    But what if you applied some simple marketing secrets to buzz creation? What if you could increase targeted traffic to your website? What if you could build a relationship with you “fans” and convince them to exchange cash for the privilege of watching your movie? 

    How Much Does All This Cost?

    When I was new to all this, I paid more than $1,897 for a filmmaking workshop that hardly provided any of this stuff. In my system, I reveal the actual step-by-step method that allowed me to make, market and sell my movie. You’ll be able to immediately apply these action steps in your own movie making career. 

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P.S. You’re lucky. Unlike you, I never had anyone guiding me through the movie making process. So even if you’re selling appliances in Kralltown Pennsylvania or you’re sick of working for "copy and credit" on other people’s movies -  If you want to make movies independently, the Filmmaker Action Pack will guide you step by step through the process!

P.P.S. Let’s face it. There are a lot of people who want to make movies. But most people never will. Sure, maybe some folks will end up with a pretty good short film. And we both know short films are cute. But it’s difficult to make a career making short movies. The real game is features. In this system, I give you step-by-step instruction on how to make your feature. 

P.P.P.S. If you’re a filmmaker who wants to make your own movies, and make a career making movies, then this movie making system is for you. The system will provide you with insights on how to raise money, how to build a team of "name" professionals, how to build buzz around your movie and finally, how to distribute your movie. You’ll have 60 days to try it out, so the only real risk is not taking action. Why don’t you give it a try? Download now.